Would you like to create a fully custom project? We all have that one photo that means the world to us, or that would make the perfect gift when stitched up. 

Here at the Den, we can make those photos and ideas into a stitchable project for you. 

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The entire process is customisable, you can have us create just the pattern, or have us send you a full kit including pattern, threads and aida, plus a few little extras. 


Each design is absolutely guided by you, we will not finalise any design without checking with you first to make sure you're happy, no matter how many edits it takes! 

No two projects are the same, and we therefore cannot give you an accurate price until we've spoken with you about your ideas.


Not every photo or idea is stitchable, and we promise that we'll always be honest with you about how your project will look, rather than put our sales first.

If you'd like to talk to us about a custom design you can email us or fill in the contact form via the button below.

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